Berlin School Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a Berlin school style synth jam and improvisaton, via attorks, A Smooth Theme:

Kind of inspired by DoctorVague and Ian Boddy (when in Red Shift), I am experimenting with Ableton Live to see if it can be a help in analog sequencing.

I have 2 MIDI tracks and 1 track with a drum loop. One MIDI track controls the self-built Modular and the 2nd MIDI track the Creamware MiniMax ASB.

Both MIDI tracks have several clips with looping 8 step sequence in different keys. But I have not found out how to change the clip of the 2 MIDI track at the same time and at the right bar so I click the clip on each track which causes the odd discrepancy in clips/keys and changing too soon; sorry for that.

The melody is performed on the Roland XP-80 with a Mellotron voice. The Waldorf is doing what a Waldorf is good at; making these Waldorf sounds. The soloing is done on the Clavia Nord Lead 1 with an organ-type voice.

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