Free Synth Live Pack For Ableton Live

free-ableton-live-synth-packTogeo Studios has the Simple Synth Live Pack Bundle – a bundle of TS products from 2008-2009 cleaned up and repacked as a single Live pack that will install automatically into your Ableton library.

It includes:

  • SST BASS – 500 bass instruments.
  • SST LEADS- 350 Lead instruments
  • SST KEYS – 375 Keys , organs and electric pianos.
  • SST GENS V2 – 1085 Atmospheric pads, drones textures and soundscapes.

The Simple Synths bundle Live pack contains a total of 2269 instrument presets, 480 samples and weighs in at just 247 Mb unpacked. The library includes a large assortment of drums, basses, synths, keys, leads, pads and atmospheric soundscapes.

Note: The Togeo Studios Simple Synths Live Pack requires Ableton Live 7 or higher.

19 thoughts on “Free Synth Live Pack For Ableton Live

  1. Very exciting new sounds. I especially enjoyed the SimPlay arpeggiator effects. (see Instrument rack / Togeo Studios / Simple Synths / SimPlay). One word of advice; it gets LOUD. IMO you really need the Compressor to keep the sound down a bit.

    Other than that; Wonderful collection, must have IMO!

  2. No, SimpleSynths works on both, in Ableton Live. They are Live ready and install automatically and correctly into the Ableton library.

      1. I got this too. After unzipping change extension to .alp and double click on it. Live will ask you where to install it to and put it in the factory pack folder that you have specified in ableton preferences.

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