Kraftwerk Action Figures Made From Decapitated Ken Dolls


Artist Dirk Roessler created these awesome Kraftwerk action figures.

As much as you might like to get your own set, though, they aren’t available for purchase.

Roessler explains:

I collect Kraftwerk records since about 1993. I’m a real fan of them!

So in the year 2000 I’ve decided to sculpt them – just for myself.

I’ve bought some old Mattel Ken figures (that guy from Barbie, you know) at flea markets, “decapitated” them and sculpted the Kraftwerk heads to apply them onto the bodies.

First of all I sculpted them and then I built moulds and casted them with resin.

Then I realized how hard it is to get some clothes for Ken – even in good toy stores!

So I had to sew the red shirts and grey pants on my own – horrible work!

Thank god I found some black shoes at the flea market!

Kraftwerk action figures seem like a completely natural thing, given the groups iconic robotic man-machine presence.

Who else wants a set of these?

Too bad about the four Kens, though.

via Keepwerking, ihavesynth

41 thoughts on “Kraftwerk Action Figures Made From Decapitated Ken Dolls

  1. He is what I call a real fan! Kraftwerk is surely a milestone in electronic music. Such a freaky idea to build these robots – they appeared first time in March 1978 in a german TV show after 5 years TV absence. Although Kraftwerk were rather popular at this point that TV show hit like a bomb! We kids started competitions in moving like a robot after this.

  2. That is the BEST thing I have seen on the internet for some time now.

    I WANT A SET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My 3.5 year old son loves We Are The Robots as my wife and I are long time fans. He would love a set of these! I Goolged Kraftwerk toys for fun and this link came up. Well done!

  4. I WANT THEM!! You’ve done what I’m planning to do for years (I’m going to use GI Joe’s or Action Men for the body). I’m a Kraftwerk fan since 1978. I think I have nearly everything they played (bought original). So, what else to say… you should make them in serie, because we want to buy them!! Of course an artist makes only unique pieces, but… they would sell well.

    1. Also, in ComputerWelt, the trousers are black (leather), but the shirts are NOT YELLOW… they are RED – see the videos on youtube. By the way, did you make the PUPPETS (which didn't wear lipstick but had red leds blinking from top to bottom) or the MEN (who wore red lipstick)?
      Because I'm going to make the very same. And I'm also facing the same problem of finding the clothes… right now I have the shoes and the ties (8 pairs + 8) and some bendable hands.
      The kens I have are not posable, so, I will use GI Joes instead – although those ones are way too muscular… or I will break the joints and make them new, so that they can be made posable.

    1. If I had your talents, my friend!!. Any way, you should try to contact Ralf directly. Floria left the band in November, 2008. The don’t work for EMI since eons (they have their own label, Kling Klang Studio). I’d also try to contact Wolfgang, who is more open minded. But now Kraftwerk is only Ralf (and other three ones). I never considered Henning and Fritz (and now Stephan) being real “roboter”. But that’s my modest opinion.

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