Free Auto Tune App May Turn Everybody Into T-Pain


Free Music Software: Oli Larkin has updated Autotalent – a free auto tune plugin for Mac & Windows.

This is a VST/AU port of Tom Baran’s open source pitch correction LADSPA plug-in.

At the moment it is designed to be used on a mono track, if used on a stereo track, the left channel will be copied to the right.

Download via Larkin’s free plugins page.

If you’ve given Autotalent a try, leave a comment with your thoughts!

23 thoughts on “Free Auto Tune App May Turn Everybody Into T-Pain

  1. Glad to hear this work being done — and if Oli teams up with a GUI mastermind for usability and "cool" sake (which is what Auto-Tune has largely succeeded on by turning something tres geeky into mass acceptance), we may have something super-special.

  2. Yo really? Everybody be doin diz shiit rite hurr fo no rezon! if dem artist be needin diz den dey GOT NO TALENT! damm really thou… dat be fake rite der. t pain b doin it on purpose thou, everybody else juss some fake azz biitches

    1. I’d try to correct all of you grammar mistakes, But I have more important things to do. I want to download this to screw around with my voice, does that make me fake? Also the fake one here is you with that “swag” typing you’ve got there. Anyway just don’t screw up my order when I go to Mcdonalds.

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  4. Haha y’all crack me up. This is a kick ass app and everyone knows you like it you just talk alot of shit. Y’all aren’t big shots. You should check out my country ass on this app!!! It’s so great!! Go onto YouTube and check out my music. Tell friends. I need more fans over yonder!! Ha! Look up my channel (midcliffcom) no dot 🙂 thank you!!!

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