Xen-Arts IVOR2 Offers New Options For Microtonal Synthesis

Xen-Arts has introduced IVOR2, a major update to their free Ivor microtonal virtual analog synthesizer for Linux & WIndows. IVOR2 is designed to be microtonal sound-designer’s virtual analog synthesizer, with a workflow tailored to microtonal synthesis. It’s also designed to be an educational tool for learning about subtractive sound synthesis and musical instrument intonation (microtuning and xenharmonics).

Microtonal Electronic Music On YouTube

Recent developments in synth technology are driving an explosion of experimentation with microtonal electronic music – and many of these experiments are showing up on YouTube. Non-standard tunings may initially sound strange or out of tune. But moving beyond equal-tempered tuning opens up infinite tuning possibilities and alternate music traditions for musicians to explore. Recently,… Read More Microtonal Electronic Music On YouTube