The Cheetah MS6 Analog Synthesizer

The Cheetah MS6 analog synthesizer is a rare but respected 6-voice polyphonic multitimbral rack analog synthesizer from the late 80’s.

Sound On Sound had this to say about the Cheetah MS6 synthesizer:

The MS6 makes an excellent starting point for anyone interested in experimenting with polyphonic subtractive synthesis for the first time, at minimal cost. Although the parameter-access concept is less intuitive than dedicated controls, the nomenclature used throughout (oscillators, filters, ADSR) is very standard, and the results yielded by even a small amount of tweaking are instant and rewarding.

Used among other analogue gear, the MS6 dutifully handles day-to-day analogue synth requirements, freeing up other, more aggressive synths to do what they do best. Used with digital gear, it will nicely fill those gaps in the mix that the strings and choirs from most modern digital synths are just too dominating to fill, or cheerfully layer with any older digital synths that you may have lying around (Yamaha’s higher numbered DXs, for example) to thicken up sounds. It’s always been fun setting up my MS6 in other people’s totally digital synth rooms and suffering their scorn — until the first bit of MIDI hits the MS6…


  • 6 voice polyphony
  • 2 DCO’s per voice
  • 24 dB/octave low pass filters
  • 12 velocity and pressure-sensitive VCAs

Cheetah MS6 Resources:

via michal23pl:

hi. this is just a quick demo i’ve made with my first programmed patches. everything except drums comes from Cheetah MS6. it’s a great synth similar to Oberheim Matrix 1000 however more flexible thanks to 6 part multitimbral. i’ll try to make some other demos to show you some more capabilities of this great and somewhat underrated babe. recorded on multitrack Roland VS-880 with some space echo emulation added plus my DIY spring reverb. then mastered on 7″ tape Maxell UD. hope you’ll enjoy it.

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