Bliptronome Bliptronic 5000 Monome Conversions Now Available

This admittedly not very exciting video captures the final test of something that is pretty exciting – the Bliptronome, which is a monome conversion of the $50 Bliptronic 5000.

Wil Lindsay is making kits available to create your own Bliptronome for $68:

I will be creating a Bliptronic-to-Monome clone conversion kit with PCB, FTDI cable, and all parts (no Arduino needed) including the 4 Potentiometers over the next 3-4 weeks. These kits will cost $68+shipping. I am doing a limited pre-order here to (raise bulk-purchase money and keep the price down) set to ship mid March.

He also plans offer conversions of your provided Bliptronic 5000 for $110.

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