Sasha Grey Releasing Experimental Death Dub Album As aTelecine

atelecine-sasha-greyPendu Sound Recordings will be releasing a limited edition (500) LP from Sasha Grey‘s experimental noise venture, aTelecine.

The album, A Cassette Tape Culture, is scheduled to be released April 27.

Grey calls aTelecine “an experimental death dub orgasm kind of project.”

aTelecine is:

  • Sasha Grey: Voice, Synth, Tape loops, Guitar.
  • Pablo St. Francis: Voice, Bass, Drums, Dulcimer,Tape loops
  • Anthony Djuan: Voice , Rhythm , words , Synth , Tape loops

You can preview aTelecine’s A Cassette Tape Culture at the label site.

Track listing:

side Y:

  • find nothing else
  • chroeg xen
  • it’s all write
  • she is beautiful
  • a cassette played

side Z:

  • auon (live ver)
  • some what daft
  • elijah’s new sun
  • i came i sat i departed
  • RH
  • never was a dreamer

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  1. true that pop heroes i also remember reading a article where she talks about being a synth fan and lik moog synthesizers

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