Build A DIY MIDI Drum Pad

The SynPad is a position-sensitive MIDI drum pad that you can build yourself, using simple materials and tools for around 50 UK pounds (depending on what materials you already have, and how many pads you want to make.)

The pad can detect where you have hit it as well as how hard, so that the synth it is driving can change the sound continuously as you strike the pad in different places.

via gang1ion

7 thoughts on “Build A DIY MIDI Drum Pad

  1. lol @ 2:18 a fly flies onto the table.. Judging by the look of that guy, theres more than one about. But he is still my hero also.

  2. Please tell me, can i build a midi drum controller using just piezos and joystick/Gamepad(as midi controller). I got all the software required. Please……. help me, have no idea..

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