Manta Touch-Controlled Kyma Pacarana Didgeridoo

Saturday Synth Porn: The headline may be undecipherable – but this video demo is sexy enough to make up for it – featuring microtonal touch-controlled modular synth didgeridoo.


Check it out and let me know what you think!

Patch details:

My first Kyma X patch for the Pacarana. Kyma is unreal and let’s you do almost anything in Sound Design. I took a concept of a didgeridoo patch on my modular and built it back in Kyma but with even more expression. This is still a work in progress.

The touchplate is a Snyderphonics MANTA. I spent some time coding some algorithms in MAX to enhance the performance control of the patch using velocity, aftertouch and polyphonic aftertouch + controls using OSC to Kyma.

The Manta is a fantastically wonderful controller. It shows it’s flexibility and feel here.

The patch is microtonal meaning pitches are in divisions of the western concept of half and whole tones.

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