Richard Termini’s Overload

Richard Termini’s Overload – a short avant-garde film shot by Termini during 1976 and 1977.

via rtermini:

The film was shot in New York. It premièred at Brooklyn College in 1978. Termini was invited to show it and he did. It was well received.

The live premier was at CBGBs in New York 1978 where it was shown to a live audience while Terminis band performed the soundtrack live to the film. The film was rear projected using a system that Termini custom built and assembled just above and behind the drums. Any one familiar with CBGB would know where this area is.

We know of some photographs of the show but we do not have any in our possession at this time. If anyone does have shots of this stage set up at CBGB we would appreciate seeing them. The band that performed the music to the film live was called DUNE-Muzik and featured the singer Vicki Zollo who is also in the film. This is an abridged version of the film.

The original was shot to super 8mm film and is in pretty rough condition. A better transfer will be made in the future and the film will be professionally cleaned. But for now this will have to suffice.

Richard Termini

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