Elektron OctaTrack MusikMesse Rumor

Musikmesse 2010: Elektron users spotted this video of Kingpin.nu making up 2000 buttons – the type usually distributed at trade shows – for Elektron, maker of the MachineDrum and the MonoMachine.

The buzz centers on the button for the Elektron OctaTrack – which is an unknown device. Speculation on the Elektron OctaTrack includes an 8-track sequencer

It’s speculation and vaporware at this moment – but if you’ve got ideas, leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Elektron OctaTrack MusikMesse Rumor

  1. 6 channels of ANALOG mono synth + 2 master tracks with effects and parameter locks.

    led buttons for each step and channel – (see Doepfer Shaltwerk)

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