Free Neural Network Drum Machine For Mac, Windows, Linux


Free Music Software: Breakage is a free “intelligent drum machine” for Mac, Windows & Linux:

Breakage is an intelligent drum machine designed to make it easy and fun to play complex, live breakbeat performances. A step-sequencer pattern editor and previewer, database, sample browser, neural network, pattern morphs, statistics and probabilistic pattern generator give you the tools to work with breaks on a higher level than ever before.


  • Neural network accompniment
  • Probablistic pattern generation
  • Fluid morphing between patterns
  • Pattern similarity statistics
  • Future preview pattern editor
  • Traditional grid based step-sequencer / drum machine
  • Pitch and swing controls
  • Distortion effect
  • MIDI sync
  • Load & save sessions, patterns, drum kits and nets
  • Mouse-over help system

Note: Breakage is a Java app – so it’s a little different than your average app & requires Java.

via ReaktorPlayer

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