Spectrasonics Omnisphere, Trilian Get Musikmesse Updates

spectrasonics-omnisphere-trillianMusikmesse 2010: Spectrasonics introduced version 1.3 updates to Omnisphere and Trilian, featuring significant advancements in hybrid and bass synthesis respectively, with an emphasis placed on real-time performance.

Here’s what’s new in Omnisphere & Trilian:

  • New “Latch” performance features for Live/Stack Mode allows notes from any part to be “frozen”
  • New Trigger modes allow Omnisphere and Trilian parts to be synchronized and quantized in real-time performance
  • New “Sustain2” mode allows for much more realistic Rock-style Bass playing in Trilian and interesting performance possibilities in Omnisphere
  • All Envelopes now have Groove Lock feature. Envelopes can be created via MIDI Files
  • New Browser ‘Search Lock’ and ‘Search Clear’ features improve workflow

1.3 Sound Library update features new sounds

  • New Omnisphere and Trilian patches and multis showcasing the new Latch/Trigger features
  • New “VIP” Omnisphere Library created exclusively for users who own both Omnisphere and Trilian
  • New “produced” Trilian Electric and Acoustic Bass multis designed for cutting through rock and pop mixes
  • “Omni Live” iPhone app now with cross-platform support for Windows and Mac OSX
  • Updated Reference Guides for Omnisphere and Trilian
  • New tutorial videos for Omnisphere and Trilian
  • v1.3 updates for Omnisphere and Trilian are free downloads for all registered users

The updates to both Omnisphere 1.3 and Trilian 1.3 are free for all existing owners, and are set to be made available on April 20th.

Spectrasonics has also released an iPhone app named Omni Live. Available for free from the Apple iStore, the application effectively turns an iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless remote for the live page, thereby offering further options for the gigging synther.

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