69 Ambient Patches for Thor Synthesizer – Luftrum 2

This is a sonic demo of Luftrum 2– a ReFill that offers 69 ambient patches for Propellerhead Reason 4’s Thor Synthesizer:

  • 38 Ambient Pads
  • 16 Textured Soundscapes
  • 8 Minimalistic Lead Synths
  • 7 Sleeping Drones

Official Description:

With an exclusive selection of ambient pads, sleeping drones and textured soundscapes Luftrum 2 is taking Thor to a level yet unheard. Judge for yourself and listen to the audio demo. Whether you produce deep cryo-sleeping ambient, experimental IDM or beatless space drone music, this ReFill is guaranteed to inspire your sound.

Luftrum 2 sounds like: Harold Budd, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, early Aphex Twin, Global Communication, FSoL, Moby and Biosphere.

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