Free iPhone Software For Propellerhead Reason


dashByte’s dashMIDI (App Store link) is a free iPhone app that enables the control of Propellerhead Reason over a WiFi network.

According to the developers, “If you’ve ever wished that you could start and stop recording without having to run over to your computer, this is the app for you.”

It looks pretty basic, but it could be useful for some. If you’ve used dashMIDI for Propellerhead Reason, leave a comment with your thoughts!

Features support for the following functions:

  • Track selection
  • Mute
  • Solo
  • Click
  • Fast Forward/Rewind
  • Record
  • Stop
  • Play

This application requires Propellerhead Reason running on an OS X machine & dashMIDI Server running on the same OS X machine.

5 thoughts on “Free iPhone Software For Propellerhead Reason

  1. dashMIDI has now been updated to work work correctly with 10.5.8. Also support for Propellerhead Record has been added.

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