Hell Freezes Over – Five New Vako Orchestron Discs Announced!


Did hell freeze over today without anybody telling me?

Optigan.com’s Pea Hicks today announced FIVE (5 count ’em) new Vako Orchestron discs.

  • VIOLIN and PIPE ORGAN are Orchestron originals, newly remastered.
  • STRING ENSEMBLE is a previously unheard scale taken from the original Optigan / Orchestron master tapes.
  • TREMOLO ELECTRIC GUITAR and PIANO are newly recorded scales made specifically for these discs.

Any new discs for the obscure Vako Orchestron would be newsworthy – but five new disks is unheard of.

The Vako Orchestron is an obscure opto-mechanical keyboard sample playback instrument, best known for its use by Kraftwerk.

According to Wikipedia, only 8 sounds were originally made available for the Vako Orchestron.

Check out the String Ensemble Vako Orchestron Disc demo above, and the other 4 new sound disc demos below.


Vako Orchestron Disc Pipe Organ


Vako Orchestron Disc Violin


Vako Orchestron Disc Piano


Vako Orchestron Disc Tremolo Electric Guitar

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