Behringer Needs Synthesizer Nerd Chicks!


We’re not sure why – but Behringer is looking for “synthesizer nerd chicks.”

Even more perplexing – it’s at the request of their corporate legal counsel:


Why is Behringer searching for “synthesizer nerd chicks”?

As far as we know, the only reason would be so that Behringer could secretly clone them, like they’ve cloned everything else, and create the ultimate synthesizer nerd chick army.

If you know better, let us know.

And if you’re a card-carrying synthesizer nerd chick – leave a link to your site/twitter/facebook in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Behringer Needs Synthesizer Nerd Chicks!

  1. i think i might be a nerd chick because i just finished an album on my phone. I went to 7-11 an hour ago and brought my kaosillator with me. Is there a need for me somewhere because i would LOVE IT!!

    Why, who wants to know? xoxoxoxogreetings from miami beach

    love, amanda

  2. Synthtastic! 🙂 Serious synth freak here. Hehe Anything synth, analog or digital, is my thing. 4 hours a day devoted to synthesis studies besides studio work. Synthesis theories that I love & use with my synths: subtractive, FM, phase distortion, linear arithmetic, sampling and analog subtractive. Check out my YouTube channel at: also check out my original synth art including life size Jupiter-8 at
    Keeping it synthy! 🙂
    Everything 80s synthtastic!

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