The MIDI Piano Instructor

The MIDI Piano Instructor is a tool aimed at improving the piano keyboard self-teaching experience with direct interaction between the student and software (or human, remote) teacher:

The scheme is simple : a Personal Computer running music-teaching software or regular score composing/playing software (Sonar, Cakewalk, Sibelius, Rosegarden,..) is connected trough its MIDI out port to the MIDI in port of the ‘MIDI Piano Instructor’.

Optionally the MIDI through port of the MIDI instructor can be connected to the MIDI in port of the electronic keyboard or piano. The same MIDI messages that play the music or the exercises on the piano, light up the LEDs on top of the piano keys. The student replicates the exercises watching directly the keyboard without diverting attention from the piano keyboard to look at the PC screen. Voice messages in synch with the exercises (some music composing software support it) might add an extra layer of interaction.

No modification is necessary to the musical instrument as the LED bar is self contained and can be placed on the piano or organ with some velcro strap.

See Flickr for more images of the MIDI Piano Instructor.

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