Analogue Solutions Intros Tereshkova Analog Synthesizer

Analog Solutions has introduced the Tereshkova suitcase-style analog synthesizer.

Features of the Tereshkova include:

  • Suitcase style design.
  • Pure analogue voice circuitry.
  • Rugged Steel construction. Quality chrome catches and cool steel spring handle.
  • Stuffed full of electronics. No front panel space is wasted.
  • Joystick, MIDI, jack socket patch points and more.

Differences between Vostok and Tereshkova:

  • They are identical in every respect, except with the Tereshkova, instead of the Matrix panel and VU meter you get extra;
    • LFO
    • 2 VCAs
    • 2 Multiples
  • Other than that identical. They will produce the same sort of sounds.

The Analog Solutions Tereshkova is available for £1549.

Tereshkova Joystick:

Tereshkova Long Evolving Demo:

Tereshkova Analog Synthesizer Patching:


Tereshkova modular synth and Oberkorn sequencer. First ever demo.

Tereshkova is identical to Vostok, except that instead of a matrix panel and VU meter you get 2 extra multiples, 2 extra VCAs and an extra LFO. Otherwise they are the same.

via switchedonsynthesizer

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