Free Mellotron M400 Virtual Instrument

Free Music Software: Artifake Labs’ RedTron_400 is a free sample-based plug-in for Windows which emulates the Mellotron M400.

RedTron 400 Features:

  • Realistic user interface.
  • Six sound types: 3 Violins, 8-Voice Choir, Flute, Brass, String Section, Cello.
  • “Loop” and “Non-Loop” modes: as the original “Mellotron”, each sound is eight seconds long but you can switch to “Loop Mode” which allows the samples to loop continuously.
  • Layer possibilities & independent parameters for layer A & B:
    • Volume, Tune, Reverb, Delay, Pan, Octave, Note, Cutoff, Resonance, Attack & Release parameters.
    • Delay effect (Amount, Time, Feedback & Pan parameters).
    • Reverb effect (Mix, Width, Size & Damp parameters).
  • Global Volume control.
  • Global Tone control.
  • Global Pitch control.
  • Can be used as SoundFont Player to mix any .sf2 file with “Tron sounds” or to extend the sound palette.
  • It’s free!

Download RedTron 400 here.

Video demo via myVST.

6 thoughts on “Free Mellotron M400 Virtual Instrument

  1. I have used both RedTron and the lesser known MellowSound by batsound.. The RedTron 400 has a more “authentic” sound and a wider range of settings, but the Choir on the MellowSound is worth the “price of admission” it is both “authentic” and unique all at the same time. In truth they are both great proxies of the real thing.

  2. I might just be a moron when it comes to these things, but where do I find an actual .exe file? I can only seem to find .dll’s. I’d love to be able to play some mellotron on my Oxygen61 midi keyboard if its possible.

    1. .dll file is what you need . There is no .exe file necessary. Once you start the download you will see the dll file on your desktop or folder you d-loaded to. You are all set Just load it in your DAW program’s VST folder .

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