Free 8-Bit Tribute To The Music Of Tron

free-8-bit-tron-tribute8-Bit Weapon has released a free tribute to Wendy Carlos‘ music for Tron.

The remixes are based off of the amazing original score by Wendy Carlos for the original 1982 film Tron.

The collection’s sound palette uses the following systems: Commodore 64, Nintendo NES, Nintendo Game Boy, Apple II, and Atari 2600.

You can preview Tron Scherzo below:



  1. Tron Scherzo (Sark’s Revenge Mix)
  2. Tron Theme and Ending (Flynn’s Goodbye Mix)
  3. Tron Scherzo (Solar Sailer mix)
  4. Tron Theme and Ending (Yori’s Game Boy Mix)
  5. Tron Scherzo (Bit’s Game Boy Mix)

via TrueChipTillDeath

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