Ableton Live DJ Tutorial

This set of videos, via Ryan on Vimeo, offers an Ableton Live DJ tutorial.

Part 1, above, offers Live DJ cue settings and tips on finding the key and BPM and songs. It also looks at how to warp songs for DJing in Ableton Live.

Part 2, below, takes a look at how use clips in Live to DJ, setting up effects and DJ style blends.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to DJ in Ableton Live, don’t miss this earlier post, How to DJ in Ableton Live, an in-depth look at Live guru Tom Cosm’s Live DJ technique.

5 thoughts on “Ableton Live DJ Tutorial

  1. This is the most useful tutorial I have seen in ages. As a multi-instrumentalist, not a DJ, I learned so many useful tips from this clip.

  2. Great post ryan πŸ™‚ the part where you find the key actually was most useful to me.. I admire the time and effort you spent on the vids here.. Thank you so much! πŸ˜€ hope to see more vids from you and hope to learn more from you.

  3. An easier way to Warp is to do the first kick as you did then find the first kick of the last the bar and warp that, that will put all the other hits in time, then just check the breaks like at beat 33 and where ever else.

  4. Thank your for posting this. I posted this one to my website of free tutorials. For those that are looking for additional tutorials about DJing and warping and see these specific sections devoted to those topics:

    DJing Tutorials:

    Warping Tutorials:

    Just using free tutorials on the net you can go really far with your productions! Good Luck!


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