Buck Rogers Explains 70’s Electronic Dance Music And Then Shows Princess Ardala His Frightening Dance Moves


While some Synthtopia readers were lucky enough to first get exposed to synths in their monster-synth Mooged-out switched-on progtastic prime – others of us get to point to crap like this as seminal influences.

In this clip, Buck Rogers explains, amazingly succinctly, the essence of 70’s electronic dance music & then goes on to “get down” and show Princess Ardala his frightening dance moves.

1979’s Buck Rogers In The 25th Century was incredibly dumbed down – but Princess Ardala still looks pretty good in the space bikini and Stu Phillips’ Something Kinda Funky, dog barks and all, still sounds kinda funky.

15 thoughts on “Buck Rogers Explains 70’s Electronic Dance Music And Then Shows Princess Ardala His Frightening Dance Moves

  1. Ah, memories… though, at the time, I didn't even hear the music with that bikini on screen. Always wishing that Erin Grey would try one one of Ardala's outfits.

  2. You "remember being 12 and cringing in the movie theatre during this scene…"???
    Perhaps your memory isn't what it used to be, Bob.
    This was a TV SHOW!!

  3. Yep, Buck Rogers was indeed released in theatres. My mother gave me a note saying I had a dentist appointment so I could get out of school early to go see it with my brother (who picked me up from school in his awesome Ford Granada). Despite the embarrassing synth performance, my interest in synthesizers was not diminished later in life. Heck, maybe that scene is what triggered it all! (although it might’ve been the opening theme from CHiPs).

  4. According to the IMDB, there was no movie other than the pilot.
    That pilot was shown in theaters for a short time because no TV network would air it.
    Unless this episode shown above is from the pilot movie, it was on TV.
    There was also a 1934 movie version, but it's unlikely it was being played in a theater in 1979.

  5. The movie version of the opening sequence involves several women (including Erin Grey and Pamela "Sparkly" Hensley) sliding around a giant Buck Rogers sign wearing silver jumpsuits. Very disco. Also the, while the lyrics are okay, the delivery is entirely off. I own the DVD set that includes the theatrical release.

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