Remixing With Spectrasonics Trilian

In this official Spectrasonics video, Josh Gabriel talks about creating his latest remix using Trilian.

via SpectrasonicsVIDEO:

Introducing the new “Artist Video Series” showcasing some amazing artists using and playing Spectrasonics instruments from a huge variety of different genres.

In this video, electronic artist Josh Gabriel remixes his track “My Friend” with Trilian for all the synth parts and then takes the new mix out and spins it in his live set to see how it plays in the club.

Enjoy! 🙂

Visit the Spectrasonics site to download the mp3 of the remix, check out more videos and find out more about the series:

2 thoughts on “Remixing With Spectrasonics Trilian

  1. Oh man. Just make a demo commercial. Don't shoot an obviously fake club gig to lend it some sort of legitimacy. Hawking your latest over-hyped, over-grown bass plugin isn't a crime, but let this be a commercial and call it a day. That was bordering on insulting.

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