One thought on “Ableton Live Audio Effect Racks (Video Tutorial)

  1. I started looking but quit somewhere in the middle. Its a bit too basic for my liking; even after 6 minutes I keep wondering why he keeps focusing so much on basic issues like solo'ing a chain, how to 'mix' an effect through the volume and panning while these are all basic Live features. Solo'ing a chain isn't different from solo'ing a track for example.

    Yet to my surprise he totally ignored the chain on/off switch (which is extremely useful at times) and well; I have to wonder what his ideas are about the chain hotswap button 😉 He claims that you can use the chain hotswap button to (quote:) "that allow you to choose particular presets for the particular device you're using".

    Uhm, no ? That's what the hotswap button on the device itself is for. The chain hotswap, also a very handy feature, actually allows you to hotswap whole chains of the same type, just like any other hotswap button does.

    Well, its then that I stopped watching. Too basic and I think he makes some nasty mistakes here and there. I applaud the effort, don't get me wrong, but I do think that some things could have been done more clearly.

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