The Chimera BC9 Mini Synthesizer

The Chimera bC9 synthesizer offers the same range of sounds as the bC8, with the ability to externally modulate any possible combination of the eight main control knobs, including the infamous ‘patch’ control; a ninth knob controls the depth of external modulation…

The semi-transparent frosted body diffuses the light from the ten LED’s that logically show various conditions and processes.

The Chimera bC9 synthesizer retails for £139.00.

Note: Chimera is a boutique synth manufacturer. Some buyers have reported long delays between ordering products and getting them delivered. Chimera says “To avoid any future backlog of paid orders, we will only send out an electronic invoice when your unit is ready-to-ship. ”

Detailed specs on the Chimera bC9 below.


  • CV input: 3.5mm jack socket (near yellow VCO knob): 0v to 5v
  • Trig input: 3.5mm jack socket (centre): 2 to 10v
  • Audio out: 3.5mm stereo jack socket (near grey volume knob), drives headphones.


  • 10 separate LED’s of various colours. Aside from showing the current status of the
  • LFO, envelope generator, battery and external trigger. The LED’s also show the
  • modulation destinations when the black push-button is pressed.
  • External CV voltage shown by the ‘analog’ LED by the black push-button.


  • 1st knob, yellow – VCO frequency
  • 2nd knob, yellow – VCO & LFO modulation depth control
  • 3rd knob, blue – Waveshapes for VCO and LFO
  • 4th knob, blue – LFO speed
  • 5th knob, green – External CV modulation depth control
  • 6th knob, red – Attack, envelope generator
  • 7th knob, red – Release, envelope generator
  • 8th knob, green – Patch control
  • 9th knob, grey – Volume control


  • On-Off switch (right-hand toggle)
  • Envelope mode (left-hand toggle)
  • >up=auto-repeat, centre=single shot (no sustain), down=single shot (sustain
  • allowed).
  • Black push-button
  • >press to see and modify the external modulation-destination.
  • Red push-button
  • >triggers envelope generator, effectively in parallel with external trigger


  • 3x AAA cells, alkaline or rechargeable types. Supplied allen key loosens four screws to allow stainless steel base plate to be removed.

Unibody construction

  • CNC machined from a solid lump of transparent acrylic polymer, hand frosted with alumina. Stainless steel base plate/battery lid. Four rubber feet.

via Palmsounds

5 thoughts on “The Chimera BC9 Mini Synthesizer

  1. There are people still waiting for their bc16s after nearly two years; I'm glad I got a refund when I did. It was the single worst customer experience I have ever had, with nothing to show for it after months of emails, stress and repeated lies about delivery dates. An awful company with potentially some great products; I just can't believe he has the audacity to release a new product when he hasn't yet fulfilled customers' orders from 2008.

  2. Go into this prepared to wait two years and if he delivers before that, you'll be pleasantly surprised. A very talented man, but he needs to hire actual customer support.

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