Roland VP-7 Vocal Processor Now Available

Roland has announced that the new VP-7 Vocal Processor is now available in stores.

This portable vocal processor sets up on top of keyboards and creates ensemble vocal sounds with a variety of PCM-based vocal sounds, or with Roland’s Vocal Designer technology.

For keyboardists who want lush vocal backing tracks without singing into a microphone, the compact VP-7 offers four human voice sounds:

  • Female Choir
  • Boys Choir
  • Gregorian Choirs
  • Jazz Scat

Utilizing Vocal Designer technology derived from Roland’s VP-Series vocal & ensemble keyboards, the VP-7 also has three Vocal Designer algorithms that can automatically generate multi-voice backing harmonies that sing the same lyrics as a performer sings into the included DR-HS5 headset microphone.

Pressing the Vocoder button allows for quick access to a talkbox, vintage vocoder, or modern vocoder effect. Keyboardists can also go deeper into seven additional vocoder variations that have natural human voice sounds. This allows for the performance of independent harmony lines that complement the lead vocalist.

The VP-7’s super-simple interface features large, quick-access buttons and knobs, so it’s easy to call up preset sounds and adjust blends on the fly. Onboard ambience effects sweeten the sound with the twist of a knob, while a handy bypass switch lets the user bring the VP-7’s processing in and out with the push of a button, or with a tap of the optional DP-2 footswitch.

The VP-7 is now available with an MSRP of $639.00.

3 thoughts on “Roland VP-7 Vocal Processor Now Available

  1. I'm glad to see Roland put out this box. I liked the VP770 in concept but as someone who doesn't have access to a professional singer the price point was way too high to consider experimenting with. I also always questioned having a dedicated keyboard for an effect, that's a lot of extra cost and space. Good call IMO.

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