Awesome Wii Nunchuk Synthesizer – The MonoChuck!

Check this out – Denkitribe demos the MonoChuck – a Wii Nunchuck controlled Korg Monotron synthesizer:

My second attempt in circuit bending the monotron. You can control the monotron with Nunchuk’s accelerometer and analog stick. I used todbot’s WiiChuck adaptor to connect the Nunchuk to the Arduino.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Wii Nunchuk Synthesizer – The MonoChuck!

  1. OK. So I am supreme dummy. I thought if I got all the parts I could easily figure out how to hook my Momotron, me correct parts, An UNO, a WiiChuck together an VIOLA!. But I’m not as msart as I think I am. Obviously, I have to hack into my Monotron to give the UNO a path into the Montotron… and I can’t find instructions on that anywhere. I have the gear and the skills to wire…. I just can’t find directions on how to do so.

    Kind souls? Direct me (backwards?) to help me find out how to break open my monotron to figure out how to connect the Monotron to the Arduino proper. I am kinda lost here, as my experience with the monotron (intact) in extensive, my experience with the Nunchuck, the Uno and the board I plugged into my brand spanking WiiChuck is limited…. OK, ZERO. HELP!! I wanna play. It seems all the directions assume I can bust open my monotron and figure out how to wire in the unto that the Wiichuck is now wired into.

    Please? Help out a musician that is a newb with Arduino and hacks like this. I really wanna make sounds with this but have hit a brick wall.

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