New iPad Sampling Groovebox App – moxMatrix

iPad Music Software: moxMatrix (App Store link) is a new $4.99 app that turns your iPad into a unique electronic musical instrument.

While there are already some matrix synthesizers available for the iPad, moxMatrix lets you load up your own samples.

If you’ve used moxMatrix, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!


Create loops that include 10 distinct sampled voices and two drum tracks with 12 drum samples each.

Use your own samples and create a truly unique beat. Simply drag them into the application when your iPad is connected to iTunes.

Each track can be customized with a sample set, transposition, scale, and mix volume. Assign distinct scales to each track, from melodic minor to the whole tone scale to the blues scale.

Store your loops in the pattern bank, capable of holding 32 separate patterns. Loops can be from one to sixteen measures long — that’s 256 beats!

Use your own sounds or use any of the several dozen included.

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