Stretta’s New Jam, Sounding Deliciously “Switched On”


Matthew Davidson (Stretta) posted this piece, a work in progress from his latest “future modular” A Funneled Stone project, and it’s sounding deliciously switched on.

Davidson explains why:

Inserting a Minimoog into this kind of composition instantly gives it ‘that’ Moog modular character. You’ll hear what I’m talking about.

I don’t have an S-trig cable (one is on order) so I’m controlling the minimoog with volta entirely though the three CV inputs: pitch, amp and filter. When I get the cable I’ll be able to use the on-board envelopes, but what you’re hearing here is the minimoog driven by cwejman envelopes.

Oh, one more thing about the mini that I found interesting was how all the knobs are in musically-useful ranges. Obviously, all instruments strive for this, but it turns into a major tradeoff between flexibility and resolution where it matters. Resonance, for example, had a huge tonal range in an area that I’m accustomed to a fairly small range.

So, the mini is an exceptionally limited instrument, but the whole thing is one big sweet spot.

Davidson says that he’s setting aside his work on this project, which sounds like it’s going to be massive, to work on a smaller ambient piano project. I know I’ll be interested to hear more A Funneled Stone.

Check it out and leave a comment with your thoughts!

One thought on “Stretta’s New Jam, Sounding Deliciously “Switched On”

  1. Nice sounds (not my style mostly, but that's due to personal taste). Is this played by a sequencer? The ritardandi sound very unnatural and for me this is a major turn-off. Perhaps printing the score and playing it by hand would alleviate the problem. After all, what was good enough for Walter/Wendy Carlos should not be entirely bad for the future of switched-on style electronic music.

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