Moog Music Announces 2.5 Million Investment For New Headquarters

Moog Music, in conjunction with the City of Asheville and the Economic Development Coalition for Asheville Buncombe County, has officially announced a $2.5 million investment in a new downtown Asheville company headquarters. On May 18, 2010, Moog Music finalized the purchase of four vacant, 1920 era buildings 160-170 Broadway St.

In doing so, it will turn an eyesore into an asset for the city. Here’s a picture of the property:

“This location is ideal for Moog and our employees; we will bring commerce, economic vitality and livability to this once neglected entrance to the city,” said Michael Adams, President of Moog Music. “Our plans include an extensive renovation of the structure that will transform the façade from an eyesore to a landmark that embodies Moog’s spirit of innovation, one that our company and our community can be proud of.”

The location will house the company’s 35 employees engaged in worldwide sales and marketing, research and development, and manufacturing operations. Adams continued, “The ambience of the building was the primary selection criteria. I was looking for a building that had wood floors, old brick, and wide open spaces. Creativity drives Moog and this old building, once transformed, will inspire our entire team to continue this mission.”

Work is expected to be completed in late 2010.

4 thoughts on “Moog Music Announces 2.5 Million Investment For New Headquarters

  1. I think it's called an "artist's impression". After all, it would cost more than $2.5m just to get the pavement that white. Personally, I think that the building should have a giant antenna mast at one end and a horizontal loop at the other. Or the outside walls should be covered in fake knobs and LEDs.

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