Tara Busch Live

Sunday Synth Jams: This video captures Tara Busch, live at TEDxCardiff. Low on the synth side but very high on the epic vocalization side.

via TEDxTalks:

It was great news that US artist Tara Busch did a special performance just for us. Tara is a music maker, producer and, in her own words, a gear pornographer. Her acclaimed blog about analogue synths has thousands of readers, and her recent album was very warmly received by critics and fans alike. You can find out more about her here, and heres what the press have said about the album:

Kate Bush for the modern age; ethereal, sinister but strangely sweet. The torch has been passed.More than just another new Kate Bush. NME

With her debut album, the California-based Busch invites us to enter her strange and wonderful universe: ethereal, morbid but also poetic its a sort of musical and feminine equivalent to the films of Tim Burton. The Independent

Pilfershire Lane is an epic experience from beginning to end, and one of the odder pop albums youll get to hear not just this year, but probably ever Artrocker

The album hums with vintage analogue sounds and contains some fine moments for fans of experimental music. ..quite addictive TUNERAKER.COM

Taras own remarkable vocal range have ensured one of the most interesting records in a long time. With her poetic lyrics and understanding of the craft of making music this is an album of special quality. SUBBA-CULTCHA

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