New App Teaches Daft Punk, Metallica How To Swing

Around the World – the swing version by plamere

Free Music Software: Tristan Jehan came up with an interesting python hack for the San Francisco Music Hack Day that makes anything swing., a free download, is a python app that does one thing – make your music swing.

Above – Swinger teaches Daft Punk how to swing. Below – one of the least swingin’ bands ever, Metallica, swings on Enter Sandman.

Enter Sandman- the Swing Version by plamere

9 thoughts on “New App Teaches Daft Punk, Metallica How To Swing

  1. I'd like to mess around with this.

    it would be nice if someone actually gave instructions on how to launch the application.

    I've never used python.

  2. if you could make a reverse of this script that would be amazing a. for jazz songs and the like and b. for some of those swing trance songs

  3. Three possibilites: (1) You make the script executable and just run it; (2) You run "python"; (3) Get some Python IDE, look the script and press F5 or whatever it is these days that makes the world go round. 😉 Of course you'd need the non-standard libraries imported at the beginning of the script which do all the interesting work.

  4. Around The World just sounds like it's in straight 6/8 rather than actually having a swing on it 😀
    Metallica actually sounds much better with some swing on it though!

  5. Am I the only one that hears a 'graininess' from the bastardized files? It's cute but NOT professional sounding? Definitively not ready for prime time in MHO.

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