iPad Music App Lets You Rock It Like Xenakis

iPad Music Software: Artikulator is a new iPad app (not yet released) designed to let you create music visually, by sliding your fingers across the screen. A line that curves upward creates a higher-pitched sound. A line that is bigger makes a louder sound.

This recalls some of the work of Iannis Xenakis, who created a computer system in the 70’s called UPIC, which could translate graphical images into musical results, These drawings’ various curves and lines that could be interpreted by UPIC as real time instructions for the sound synthesis process.

Developers Mike Rotondo and Luke Iannini constructed the app in about 24 hours during a Music Hackday. They hope to release their creation in the App Store (App Store) soon, and they won’t be charging for the initial version.

via mashable

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