Android DJ App DJStudio

Android Music Software is starting to catch up with iPhone music apps.

DJStudio is a new DJ app for the Android mobile phone platform.


  • Graphical UI compatible with medium and large screens
  • Real time waveform display
  • Peaks dectection
  • Automatique BPM detection
  • Twin deck on the same screen
  • Ability to choose your musics from your SDCard
  • Search forward and backward
  • Real time BPM control on the WAV files
  • Real time picth control on the WAV files
  • CUE function
  • Loop function and ability to save the “in” and “out” positions
  • Embedded effects samples such as horn, scratch effects, tape spinback, and more…
  • Crossfading

If you’ve used DJStudio – leave a comment with your thoughts!

23 thoughts on “Android DJ App DJStudio

  1. is there a way of connecting an external audio interface so that there is a separate audio out for headphones?

    without the ability to cue then for real djing such an app could only really be used as a single pitchable player to plug into an external mixer (mixing feature of the app itself could not be used)

    mono is NOT an option

    I guess whether this is possible depends on the hardware… so are there ANY android phones with standard usb connectors (that I could plug a usb audio interface into)?
    … and …are any apps like this able to use such things?

    just looking whats out there BEFORE I spend any money on hardware…

  2. @michaelmd I think the trick here would be to have a bluetooth headset for cueing and you standard output 3.5mm jack to go to your speakers. You can get some ok bluetooth stereo sets. Pity I’m not clever enough to make the app. 🙁

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