iPad Matrix Synth, Aurora Sound Studio HD, Lets You Edit Instruments, Make Arrangements

Remember when we said that the Apple iPad was going to “be the biggest music technology introduction of the year” (What The iPad Means For Music) and the consensus was that we were fanboys on crack?

Since then, we’ve seen an explosion of iPad Music Software.

Much of it has been one-trick pony apps, cranked out to take advantage of the surge of interest in the iPad.

But we’re also starting to see some interesting iPad music software – like this new iPad matrix synth, Aurora Sound Studio HD.

Aurora Sound Studio HD is described as a “pattern based sequencer”.

We take that to mean that the developers were inspired by the Yamaha Tenori On. While this has been done before, Aurora Sound Studio HD is going beyond most previous Tenori On wannabe’s by including a mixer, audio effects, synth patch editing and a song mode for sequencing patterns.

Aurora Sound Studio HD is officially “coming soon”. In the meantime, check out the video and leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

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