Deadmau5’s Synth Debauchery

Saturday Synth Porn: When you’re Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. deadmau5, and you’re building “modular mouse 3.0”, you’ve probably got the leeway for some unadulterated synth debauchery.

Zimmerman says that he’s got “yet another Doepfer twin monster case and starting to fill it up with new goods that will soon be wrecking your face!”

Yet another.

Lest case you get jealous, remember that every excessive monster synth that someone else buys helps bring modular synth prices down!

15 thoughts on “Deadmau5’s Synth Debauchery

  1. Nice selection of modules, but what I don't understand is that people actually buy the Metasonix stuff. The tubes are not shielded in any way as in the Wretch Machine for example. It's a shame that he gets away with such an obvious engineering mistake.

  2. well most of the metasonix tubes don't get that hot – warm yes but not burningly so – heck they're not guitar amp power tubes

  3. So people think it's cool to have to write your patches down on a piece of paper AND spend 10 minutes changing to a new patch? This is just stupidity.

  4. dude come on u never heard or played a modular the idea isnt changing patches on the fly its analog some times digita componets to achieve sound design to the fullest getting sounds you cant get out vst or even most popular hardware synths

    p.s. im just pissed that he can hook his monome up to that system

  5. Hey I'm speaking from experience, I am 44 and started out with modular hardware. After going digital I am never going back. BTW: Analog is not fuller/fatter it's all in your mind. Want nice hardware get an Access Virus.

  6. I agree. This digital vs. analog is getting old. I mean, can anyone REALLY tell the difference? I play violin, and can definitely hear the difference between an electric violin and a real one, but when it comes to synths…whether it's analog or digital….it's a SYNTH, as in SYNTHETIC sound. What sound can you get out of these expensive things that you can't get on a computer? Prove it then…

  7. As described by Dr. Moog: It's 'synth' as in 'synthesizer' as in the synthesis of multiple components to create something (in this case sound) not 'synthetic' which is an imitation of something real.

    Some people prefer knobs with more than 128 steps, some people like being able to patch any audio source/effect anywhere in their synth signal path. No one's going to take away your FruityLoops, Unstableton Live, etc. so be happy but just remember you're on a site called SYNTHTOPIA where you may run into people that care about analog synths… so get used to it.

  8. i can tell the difference. if both sources were recorded with high-end converters at 24 bit. easily.

    I started out digital… a crappy alesis QS6.1…. moved on to much better things.

    When I played, in person, my first minimoog… it was a profound and life-changing thing for me.

    both digi and analog are great, and one is not better than the other.

    That said, there is something visceral about grabbing a fist full of patch cords and manipulating actual electric current. I have a virus. It's my favorite synth, but has no soul. My doepfer is an expressive, nuanced, quirky thing with a unique personality…

    no one will ever make the sounds i do. because no one has my setup. and no one will because i dont keep records of what I patch. there is something fun and spontaneous about it you just cant get with digital.

  9. No, but analog synthesis does have better resolution (well, no resolution, really) than digital synthesis when performing frequency modulation, ring modulation, or other types of complex synthesis. I have yet to find a digital synth capable of FM that doesn't just sound like poopoo when compared to analog gear.

  10. "Analog is not fuller/fatter it's all in your mind. Want nice hardware get an Access Virus."

    you my friend might need to go back to school then
    44 and you don't hear the difference . . what a shame.
    too many rock and rock concerts can totally kill your hearing.
    all of my friends (Sound Designers ) would disagree greatly with you.

    Also I have had a Virus B since 1998 when i came out and its a beast
    but nothing can touch a modular system. you just need to know how to PROGRAM / Patch 😉

  11. Nice modules
    To bad this guys music sounds like zippers and whomp…
    i would love to hear a REAL composition on this monster modular.


  12. At least he shows interest and doesn't just sit there bleeping away on his VSTs.

    He does do quite a bit of melodic compositions if you delve into his music. From "zippers and whomp" that makes me think you've only heard his track "Animal Rights" which is actually a collab between him and wolfgang gartner. Wolfgang is the zippers and whomp.

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