Native Instruments Evolve Mutations 2

This 4-part video series, via Torley, takes a look at Native Instruments’ Evolve Mutations 2:

Evolve Mutations 2 contains over 300 new sounds based on 2 GByte of samples. The material is organized into four categories:

  • “Rhythmic Suites” include stirring percussive and tonal loops complete with individual slices and keymapping;
  • “Percussive Kits” allow the creation of original percussive beds;
  • “Stings & Transitions” support a composition with striking and suspenseful transitional elements;
  • “Tonality & FX” provide a range of highly expressive, evocative instruments and pads.

See the  videos below for more examples.

Evolve Mutations 2 – (2) Percussive Kits

Evolve Mutations 2 – (3) Stings and Transitions

Evolve Mutations 2 – (4) Tonality and FX

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