Microtonal Synth Jam

This video captures a microtonal synth jam, via davidryle:

Alternate tuning using a Q172 Quantizer Aid module from Synthesizers.com.

The melody line played is through Lil’ Miss Scale Oven (LMSO) from Red Barn Goat Farm into an Access Virus TI synthesizer.

The three variations on the tuning are loaded into the Quantizer Aid module using midi from an instance of LMSO.

2 thoughts on “Microtonal Synth Jam

  1. The term you're searching for is "deja entendu". And I think the answer is yes. The sequence in the background is enough to make me cry "Stop it or we'll all go mad!" One of the examples supporting the notion that having/using sequencers is not always a good thing.

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