Somewhere Over the Rainbow On The MorphWiz iPad Synth

Jordan Rudess plays Somewhere Over The Rainbow on the MorphWiz – a “unique iPad synth that Rudess says is coming soon.

See the image below for a detail of the user interface:


This arrangement was inspired by the great Jeff Back and his version on his latest album “Emotion and Commotion. This app is the creation of Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier.

3 thoughts on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow On The MorphWiz iPad Synth

  1. This looks very interesting.

    Is it just me, though, or is there some latency that's affecting his playing. I know he's a wiz, but it sounds like there's something delaying his playing a bit.

  2. I looks like he pressing really hard on that thing.

    Also, it's interesting to see, but if you heard that playing in the supermarket and didn't know it was a wizard playing an iPad, you'd think it was just more bad elevator music.

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