Dana Countryman’s Modular Synth Explained

Happy Moog music synthesist Dana Countryman gives a tour of each module of his synthesizer, mostly from synthesizer.com.

Countryman uses his synth to create music that carries on the Mooged-out tradition of synth pioneers like Jean Jacques Perrey.

This will primarily be of interest to large format modular synthesists. Watch out for Countryman’s custom synth modules!

via happymoogman

4 thoughts on “Dana Countryman’s Modular Synth Explained

  1. "…and next to that is…" YAWN.

    "Happy MOOG music synthesist…" – Blacet, Blacet, STG, synthesizers.com, MOTM…

    This gets my vote as dullest YouTube modular synth vid of all time. Dullest. And next to that would be…

  2. He seems to be a very calm and content fellow, otherwise he'd fall asleep after 5 minutes of this. 😉
    Granted, .com has some interesting modules that are not available in Eurorack format e.g., I never really got the choice of front panel design. Why fool the world (and most of all yourself) into thinking you have a wall'o'Moog in front of you? Glad, I'm too young for real nostalgia about Moog modulars.

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