Secrets Of The Propellerheads

This official video is pretty glossy, but it does offer some interesting insight into Propellerhead Software and the origins of ReBirth, Reason & Record.

Seeing the precursors to ReBirth is especially interesting.

The second half of the video turns into a fairly standard promo for Reason 5 and Record 1.5.

2 thoughts on “Secrets Of The Propellerheads

  1. The movie actually left me hoping for a little bit more. For example; I was also curious about seeing a little more about Reason and such. But in all fairness; this movie isn't so much about the secrets of the propheads but meeting the propheads (which is also the original title).

    And as mentioned in there; yes, they are crazy (in a very positive manner) 🙂

    Due to some unexpected financial extra (with thanks to the stock exchange) I eventually went ahead and got myself Reason 4 last week; main purpose is to extend my Live environment through ReWire. Please picture my surprise when seeing a retail price of E 305,- on their website, paying E 305,- and getting the product within 2 days. Postage and packaging? I never saw it 😉

    The propheads are an honest bunch who in my opinion make a product in which they strongly believe and won't start out on a commercial rampage to try and please everyone. They don't go for quantity ("One Reason per year to get better sound!") but quality while still doing a bit of silly commercials ("You like Dr Rex? We do to, that's why we've done you a HUGE favor and removed it from the rack entirely!").

    But all in all a very nice movie in my opinion.. And now, if you'll excuse me; I have some catching up to do; 17 weeks worth of Reason/Record tips 🙂

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