Why Would You Need 3 Virus Synths? ‘Because It Rules!’


This triple Virus synth jam, via Nerd Revolt, explains why you might need three virus synthesizers.

via NerdRevolt:

In January, I added a Virus WhiteOut desktop synth to my little machine family. With Baby Virus standing guard over at Command Central®, I was having serious filter withdrawals… which led me to the obvious solution: get another synth for my home studio.

“Why would you guys need 3 Viruses?”

This question came up a lot on our YouTube channel.

The answer’s pretty simple…


But we’d rather say that with sounds instead of words… so here’s a video of us working on some new beats in the studio.

All the sounds (except percussion) were created on the Virus, and no presets or audio loops were used. The sonic power and richness of these machines is simply mindblowing!

15 thoughts on “Why Would You Need 3 Virus Synths? ‘Because It Rules!’

  1. The virus does rock, but it peeves me to no end that:
    * Access have taken forever to acknowledge/fix some performance bugs
    * It only renders 48Khz max
    * Some patches drive the polyphony down to just 3 voices on the Ti1 and the Ti2 only has 25% more horesepower. Whhhyyyyy?

    On the plus side Access have been getting much better at releasing frequent betas, TI2 OS and new features can be used on the TI1 which is a huge value add for all TI1 owners and the patch library of the virus is unrivaled.

    Waiting for a meaningful upgrade in the Ti3 in terms of audio fidelity and polyphony (fingers crossed…)

  2. That sounded more bitchy than I intended. I love my Virus and wouldn't trade it for anything 🙂 So much fun to play, but if you have one you probably share my pain 🙂

  3. Had an obsession with these for a long time. But competitors and VST synths have catched up with virus-esque sounds especially in the last couple of years, making all the limitations and hassles of the real thing (including their excessive price and lame polyphony) unjustified by today standards.

  4. This video is incredibly boring and apparently these people aren't familiar with what multitimbral means let alone familiar with the concept of programming their own sounds.

  5. “Why would you guys need 3 Viruses?”

    The answer’s pretty simple…

    "Because trust funds are hard to spend."

    $6500 in Viruses and this is what you post to the internet ?

  6. I wouldn't call myself a hater but 2 controllers to the Polar would have have produced the same performance. It's just excessive and a little obnoxious. I really just expect a lot more from $6500 worth of synth action particularly since it ended up on Synthtopia and particularly since the post reads: 'Why Would You Need 3 Virus Synths? ‘Because It Rules!’ I expected something really special. They clearly want lots of white synthesizers. But who am I ? Just some douche on the internet. Don't get me wrong I'd rather see this than Tim Exile or Moldover or any of that dick twiddling but mostly becuase of the hot Asian girl. I love my Ti2 and will continue to make it sound awesome.

  7. All this poly~phony clap~trap is just that. What people are saying is not 3 voices, but 3 full patches. So they're really whining about how, in multi~mode, they're only getting 3 synthesizers, instead of 16, as the multimode implies. Fair enough, but if you play it in single mode, there really are not to many patches where you can only hit 3 keys at the same time, and it chokes. As a matter of fact, the voice count, (and synth quality), drops immediately while switching to multi~mode. Even if it only has 1 patch! Therefore, always use it in single mode, always out of it's audio outs, (none of that usb bs), and then it really makes sense to use more then one. Also, for the record, this synth makes an amazing fx box as well. ~ Let's see your overhyped analogs do that!

  8. I liked this. Nice change to the glitch wank of the week that seems to be so popular these days.

    Maybe the previous commenters may not know what to make of a beautiful woman with an excess of synth power?

  9. See our overhyped analogs play one sound at a time? Touché Sir Touché. You are a dummy.

    You have no idea what you are talking about and you should stay off the internet. Do not continue this web of lies and deceit.

  10. Right. It's the beautiful woman not the lack of imagination. This attitude is precisely why you are not getting laid. Why you mad though ?

  11. Actually, 'Tinysex', i said analog synths don't make good effects boxes. The virus does. i really never said anything about voice count for the analogs. Most of them are mono. But if we have to get reduced to that, how many does a prophet make? 8? Whoooooeee! Almost enough for one per finger! Almost. Hahaha! But who counts the thumbs anyhow?

    Now stop trying to touché me, freak. Obviously your stuck in a web of your own making.

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