How To Make Techno Music In 1994

This vintage video looks at how to make techno music – back in 1994.

The video is interesting not only as a reminder of how much more complex and expensive it was to make electronic music back in the day – but also a reminder of how awesome all that gear is.

via SatStorm:

Back in 1994 creating Techno Music, was much more complicated than today! In this rare interview, we see some well known German music producers, do their magic! Europeans, that is our story: Don’t forget it!

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  1. ooow notator on ST. Are you sure this is 94 ? The use of Cubase or Logic on ST/Falcon seems much more logical for that time.

  2. I was listening to some old Hardfloor and other 90's hard trance recently and I was disappointed to feel so underwhelmed. I could hear stuff I used to ignore, like when loops are a tad out of sync or I could totally visualize the exact 909 pattern they used. A little of the magic is gone. These days you can do more on an iPad than these guys did with most of their studio.

  3. It is nice to see the old Ataris being used again. But I agree, this is probably pre-94. I was using that stuff back in, what, '89-90? Been awhile.

  4. You're right, I also think that this Video shows works of about '90 (Notator ATARI and uprising Berlins' Techno-Producers fit very well with this years)

  5. We've come a long way, but still many people long for this style of production where you have a big mixer with all channels stretched out in front of you, a sequencer for MIDI and sound management, and a massive amount of synths, samplers, and outboard effects. I consider myself one of them although I would prefer an analog mixing console with digital automation that is linked to my sequencer of choice and harddisk recording just for convenience. Then you hear something like "That's why we have to work in a studio instead of in the woods. It's sad especially if the weather is nice." Makes you think. Have we really come that far yet? A typical laptop battery lasts not really that long and for really making music without a source of electric power near you do basically have to use some more specialized gear with provision for battery powered operation. Anyway, nice blast from the past. Remember watching such videos and being fascinated by the amount of technology they used to create such basic sounds and rhythms. 🙂

  6. I think this might be a take from "Lost in Music" from ARTE…there was a similar clip of Air Liquide (initialy real Hardware Junkies) and other acts of the early techno days – really worth watching videos but in dunno if u`ll get them on YT yet.
    And just in case I didn`t get the joke :
    There are Maximilian aka Westbam with Klaus Jankuhn his working co from Berlin.
    Münsing + Luca Ansilotti aka Snap, Jam El Mar as part of Jam&Spoon who belong to the Frankfurt scene. Cya !

  7. hmm.. i still have my atari St next to me with cubase that say "owner: Mike Hunter" when i start it. that floppy disk is old.

  8. The video may be from 94, but the footage in it is undoubtedly older than that. And I was using Screamtracker in 1994–didn’t know many people who still used their Atari ST much by then.

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