The Best Of Analog & Digital? Little Phatty + iPad + TouchOSC

Moog’s Ben Hovey demonstrates how he combines a Moog Little Phatty with an Apple iPad, using TouchOSC, to create a multi-touch enhanced analog synthesizer.

See this previous post for more details on Hovey’s Apple iPad TouchOSC setup.

via MoogMusicInc

6 thoughts on “The Best Of Analog & Digital? Little Phatty + iPad + TouchOSC

  1. Line 6 has made a direct ipad port to midi converter but i don't know if it works with TouchOSC. Still, the ipad is very expensive for what it offers and the way it makes you work with it. I would only buy it for 250 euros…

  2. But what if the app developers supported the Line 6 interface? Then you could use the iPad as your sequencer, which it would definitely have the power to do.

  3. Actually, this works great using the new app "MIDI Touch" with the iPad camera connection kit via MIDI over USB. Just had it working perfectly with my LP Stage II and iPad…… No laptop necessary unless you want to record or sequence. (Although you can do both of those with the iPad now too).

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