Akai SynthStation First Review

iPad Music Software: VJFranzK – your synthesizer friend and the guy that invented the world’s first iPad keytar DJ thing – takes a detailed look at the Akai SynthStation.

Enjoy the stentorian tones of VJFranzK as he digs into the Akai SynthStation and explains why he thinks it’s going to be one of the most popular synthesizer programs for the iPad.

Note: Currently not native on the iPad. See comment below.

via VJFranzK

23 thoughts on “Akai SynthStation First Review

  1. This App is NOT iPad native, Not even universal – iPhone and iPad.
    You have to run it in 2X mode on iPad which is not pixel friendly.
    How is it possible that such a big company with massive financial and R&D resources releases App that is not iPad ready is beyond comprehension…
    This App should not be filed under "iPad Music Software" because it isn't one.
    Anyway, it is miles behind others available – crap by Akai standards, crap by any standards… 🙁

  2. I guess it's cool. But why wouldn't you just wanna' do this on a DAW? Stuck on a plane maybe? A boat? A cave? I'll take my 3 monitors any day. Thing I don't like about these programs is that you create a song/beat and then you have to hook it up to your gear and then pull it over to your DAW. And then maybe you just want a kick or an FX, well then you have to mute all the segments, isolate the kick or FX and then save it, etc. I'm not sure how ti works on this app/program, but I use Maschine and BPM and it's still kind of a pain. Ya' feel me? 😉

  3. it isnt ipad ready yet because akai have made a keyboard dock for the iphone so you can play the synths naturally and have proper audio outs

  4. Its a good thought but its way too late. I would like to see an expandable -ipad based version. See pretty stupid they chose the ipod/phone specifically I pad would have better control and I’m sure processing capability would be increased. Kinda weak I would buy one if it were ipad based but it seems its not designed to do so very well . Meh an a for the basic concept and an f in execution.

  5. I have no idea why all the crying here ?
    For a 1.99 you get –
    3 synths that are 90% of the dsp code of the miniak/micron
    2 monophonic 1 polyphonic ….all fully programmable
    a drum machine with 50 decent sounds
    easy to use grid based sequencer .

    Sure it would be nice to record in real time … maybe they will add this one day ? Either way they sound great and you can still play them in realtime kids ( remember that ? )
    The only real omission I can see is all those great filter types the micron/miniak/ ion had , but I imagine the dsp load was too high as the original synths had a chip per voice .

    BTW @ Dj Franz . Do you know if this will work with an external midi controller as is ?
    They mentioned an update at namn with full ipad support and their sdk for they controllers now supports core midi and I can only imagine this will too if it does not already .

  6. The GUI sucks on the synthstation app. I left a considerably detailed review on the app store. Essentially, the app is not at all acceptable without the hardware to control it & Akai has made it clear they have zero interest in maintaining/improving the app. It was just another “hey, we can sell an iPhone tie-in too!”

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