StringPort – ‘The First Computer Platform For Guitar’

Keith McMillen Instruments has introduced StringPort, “the first computer platform for guitar.”

The StringPort processes, converts and conveys to the computer the polyphonic audio from industry-standard hexaphonic pickups (like the GK, Graph Tek, Zeta and RMC models) through high speed USB2.

The software suite includes 24 applications including fast and accurate Analysis (for converting a performance into control data), powerful Polyphonic FX Processing (Wave Guide, PolyFuzz, Phase Vocoder, SMACK), a versatile VST FX Wall, a side of Synthesis (Classic FM and direct support for Synful synthesizer), a Notation application and MIDI Out.

KMI has written custom drivers with low latencies and all their applications take advantage of multi-threading and multiple cores. High resolution (24bit) converters and impeccable design provide greater than 92 dB SNR from analog in to analog out.

StringPort hardware and software suite retail for $995, but are on sale for $795 through July 31st.

5 thoughts on “StringPort – ‘The First Computer Platform For Guitar’

  1. It's only partly about turning an electric 6-string guitar into a controller for synthesizers, effects, or a DMX lighting rig among others. There are some effects (must be high-quality and very useable for the average guiatarist for the money), notation (which in itself if it works automagically with only minor tweaks required after you play and before you hit "print" is worth at least half the price), an audio interface and probably other things that round off the deal. It's still a hefty price tag, but does not warrant this kind of lame keyboard synthesizer bigotry. Hey, why get a synthesizer with a decent keyboard to 1000$ when you can get an iPad with no keyboard and no MIDI out for half the price or so … 😉

  2. Awesome that the Guitar version is now out – it was previously only for violin I believe . . .
    Can't wait to get one to run with my Roland VG setup and midi gear . . . .

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