Yonac Shredder Guitar Synth Now Available

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLjlXdxJoeI Yonac Software has released Shredder – a guitar synthesizer/MIDI converter for the iPad. Shredder lets you play an analog-modeling synth by simply plugging in a guitar. Shredder’s synth engine is a fully configurable FM/Subtractive design, featuring: ual oscillators Three custom-designed filters Three dedicated envelopes Dual LFOs In addition, Shredder can be used as a MIDI… Read More Yonac Shredder Guitar Synth Now Available

Shredder – A MIDI Guitar Synth For The iPad

Yonac Software has introduced Shredder,  a new iPad guitar synthesizer. The app lets you play a built-in synth using a guitar, connected through an audio interface. You can also use it as a guitar-to-MIDI translator and play software or hardware synths. Features: Connect your guitar to your iPad through the USB (such as Apogee Jam, Griffin GuitarConnect Pro, Sonoma… Read More Shredder – A MIDI Guitar Synth For The iPad

Guitar Hero Controller Synthesizer

Justin Bread’s Guitar Hero Controller synthesizer is a modified Playstation 2 Guitar Hero controller: Just about everything is left the same with only slight modifications to the actual controller. The circuit that drives the oscillator is based on the LM386 amplifier chip. Here’s the schematic. You can download the full image here.