Optigan Sitar & Tabla Disc Teaser


Here’s a little teaser for the soon to be released Optigan Sitar & Tabla disc (official title tbd).

via peahix:

This is some footage from the recording session featuring Rama Douglas on sitar and Justin DeHart on tabla. The keyboard will feature a variety of different sitar riffs (and possibly some harmonium notes on part of the keyboard), the chord buttons will have 15 different tabla loops, and the SFX tabs will have tamboura drones and other effects. More details coming soon at optigan.com!

More about Rama: http://www.cordhead.com/bio_cd.htm
More about Justin: http://www.justindehart.com

3 thoughts on “Optigan Sitar & Tabla Disc Teaser

  1. This is a very unique idea… I actually know someone who HAS an Optigan and might like this.

    Does the analog optical disc encoding (!) make it sound particularly different than other sound sources? Have never played one…

  2. Optigans sound totally lo-fi. I think it's not the optical encoding as much as the cheesy technology for reading the discs. It's all mechanical, not digital.

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